The history of Jewellery

From primitive civilisations onwards, jewellery has been worn for protection, status and symbolism. Helen explores the evolution and revolution of jewellery design, together with the changing importance and purpose of jewellery wearing. ENQUIRE

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Maximising Supplier Opportunities

This coaching covers strategic analysis of range considerations and supply criteria. It also includes in-depth feedback sessions on key sales training requirements, staff motivation and product placements to maximise sales opportunities. ENQUIRE

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Business Ownership and Leadership

Helen shares her singular vision on successful leadership, management and employment strategies, from establishing core values and uniting the team to creating staff loyalty and empowering individual performance. She also looks at the realities of retail management –

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Management skills

Which qualities define a successful leader? What drives them, what are their key attributes and what communication techniques do they employ? By utilising proven solving solutions, Helen coaches interviewing, time management and effective delegation and how motivational techniques

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Marketing and Branding

Helen reveals how to create a 360 degree consumer brand identity, by translating a compelling company vision into the store experience, staff training, buying policy and marketing collateral. She also illustrates how to maximise staff engagement by getting

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