Awards and Accolades

UK Jewellery award
UK Jewellery award

For Helen, credibility and integrity has always been important, as a perfectionist she has continually strived to be the very best in her chosen field, not only for the joy of learning, but for the sheer delight in sharing her expertise. It brings her great joy to not only be recognised  for her outstanding work and passion, but to also share it with others. Whether it has been for academia or professional endeavor, along the way Helen has achieved multiple awards and accolades.

Gemmological Awards

For Helen’s Gemmological qualifications at GemA, student awards were also given to candidates who achieved an exceptionally high standard in a particular area of study.

During her Fellowship of the Gemmological association diploma examination in 2000 Helen won the Anderson Medal Awarded for the best set of papers for the year in the Foundation examination.

This medal was established in 1981 in honour of Basil W. Anderson FGA, former Director of the Gem Testing Laboratory, London.

Awards and Accolades
Awards and Accolades

In the same year she also won “The Christie’s Prize for Gemmology then known as the Diploma Trade Prize”

This prize is awarded to the best overall candidate in any one year in the Gemmology Diploma examination. Established in 1954 as the Rayner Prize; replaced in 1991 by the Diploma Trade Prize; replaced and sponsored from 2001 by Christie’s in London. As part of the award, she won £250 to spend on equipment or books. She chose the latter.

Helen Dimmick

Industry Recognition and Professional Awards

Professional and industry awards recognise those who have pushed forward and bettered themselves professionally, revolutionising the industry and forging their own way. In her career, Helen has received many awards which are a testimony to her work and passion.

In 2012 Helen was recognised for the successful Management Buyout of Green + Benz. Helen was on a mission to bring back the brand identity and become one of the nation’s finest independent retail jewellers through inspiring leadership and staff development and a mission statement focused on an exceptional retail experience that placed customer service firmly at its heart.

During the year 2013, Green + Benz was shortlisted for the Independent Retailer of the Year for the UK Jewellery Awards. Under Helen’s leadership, she focused on developing different aspects of the business. She paid personal attention to staff training, social media presence and customer relations. She has always believed in empowerment of everyone she works with.

The same year Green + Benz won the Company of Master Jewellers(CMJ) Retailer of the Year award and the Supplier of the Year award. To quote Jewellery Outlook “The Retailer of the Year was voted for by CMJ approved suppliers, while CMJ retailers voted for the Supplier of the Year, based on excellent customer service and training, outstanding product and commitment to the CMJ and its independent retailers.”

In 2016 her hard work had paid off and she was recognised again by the phenomenal growth and success achieved Green + Benz in store and online, giving thanks and praise to the team, she shared how their dedication and loyalty would be rewarded and how with their support she was able to give back to the industry she is so passionate about. Her exceptional leadership would then ultimately gain Green + Benz the Retailer of the Year Award in 2016.

Helen’s dream of wining the prestigious UK Retail Jewellery Independent Jeweller of the year was achieved. To put a Sheffield and Chesterfield based business on the national arena was a defining moment for Helen.

Retail Jeweller UK Awards

The winners brochure below details the excellent judges praise.Her efforts for developing the brand further and making the shopping experience of utmost satisfaction were lauded. The list of competitors included highly esteemed jewellers such as Bank Lyons, Clogau, Gorgeous Jewels (Flitwick Jewellers Group), H&Y Jewellery, Jeremy Frances Jewellers, Lumbers and Wong Jewellers. Brochure Credit – Retail Jeweller

Winners Brochure
Winners Brochure

In September 2016 she was also featured in Professional Jeweller’s HOT 100 RETAIL STARS. The HOT 100 RETAIL STARS features jewellery professionals who are trailblazers recognised for their vision and contribution to the industry.


Image Credit : Professional Jeweller

To quote Helen’s interview from Professional Jeweller : The ballet themed photoshoot was an incredibly personal and rewarding experience.  Having started to learn ballet from the age of three training with the Royal Academy of Dancing until the age of nineteen, going back into a studio and spending time with professional dancers at the London City Ballet was a special occasion “every aspect of who I am today has its origin in my dance training” she said. “Ballet taught me about hard work, focus, never giving up, striving for perfection and knowing that in reality results come out of pain and determination and because of this, in the end, they are ultimately beautiful and rewarding”.

In 2017, Green + Benz secured Jewellery and Accessories Retailer of the Year award at the Chesterfield Retail Awards. The result is decided by the taking in nomination of the shoppers. Chesterfield Retail Awards is organised by Destination Chesterfield alongside Addooco.

Helen takes deep pride in all the awards given to her alongside the recognition. However, she feels that being in an industry that she is extremely passionate about and being recognized for her contribution, is the greatest reward of them all.

Academia :

Anderson Medal by GemA

The Christie’s Prize for Gemmology


Industry Awards & Recognition :

Management Buyout of Green + Benz 2012

Shortlisted for the Independent Retailer of the Year for the UK Jewellery Awards 2013

Company of Master Jewellers(CMJ) Retailer of the Year award and the Supplier of the Year award (Green + Benz) 2013

Independent Retailer of the Year for the UK Jewellery Awards (Green + Benz) 2016

Professional Jeweller’s HOT 100 RETAIL STARS 2016

Jewellery and Accessories Retailer of the Year award at the Chesterfield Retail Awards (Green + Benz) 2017


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