Dine with Diamonds

Image003, Helen Dimmick
Image003, Helen Dimmick

What could be more delightful than dining with diamonds? Well, add into the mix an amazing charity, a lovely little girl named Fern, a whole host of generous guests and a diamond expert, and you have the perfect evening.

Helen was privileged to attend Forum Jewellers ‘Dine with Diamonds’ event last month. The event was held to raise money for Forum’s Charity of the Year, The Dorset Children’s Foundation and namely, Fern Harrison, and 8-year-old girl with Alexander disease, a very rare and debilitating condition.

Fern cannot lift her head and her ability to walk and swallow is affected by the illness. However, thanks to the kindness of those who attended, an incredible £1556.40 was raised and the funds will go toward buying Fern a Mollii suit, an electrical stimulation suit for the rehabilitation of spasticity, making her movement and sleep easier.

Image002, Helen Dimmick

It was an amazing evening, there was a buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air from the start and Helen was honoured to be asked to share her passion and many years of diamond expertise with the 82 guests. And she was even more thrilled to observe a sea of engaged and interested listeners and share some hands-on knowledge afterwards.

Helen Molloy, Forum’s Director explains: “I was delighted when Helen Dimmick launched as a Jewellery Consultant. Forum had just gone through the transition of losing Pandora and relaunching as Diamond Specialists. I wanted to get this across to our customers and as soon as I knew Helen was consulting, I asked her to come and give our customers a talk on diamonds. We created the “Dine with Diamonds” event as we are always looking to give our customers something extra and this combined a unique evening with raising money for our chosen charity.”

IMG 2677 E1545240954818, Helen Dimmick

She continues: “With Helen also specialising in training, we used the time she was here to give all our staff a refresher and further expertise on diamonds. This week has been amazing, not only are we all re-inspired by diamonds, but we’ve gained confidence and enthusiasm in selling. Helen’s passion for people and the jewellery industry is infectious and her willingness to share has given us such inspiration to transform our business that it has been money well spent.”

If you’d like Helen to talk at your event get in touch here.