Experience In Action

Hearing other people’s experiences of the service I provide makes everything I do worthwhile.

Experience In Action Header, Helen Dimmick

Industry knowledge, intelligently applied

Whether it’s identifying new sales opportunities, building strong business relationships creating a 360 degree branded company identity, or developing stunning store environments, personalised staff training programmes or bespoke sales experiences, Helen’s experience can make all the difference.

These are just some of the kind words people have to say about her:


“Helen is a caring, compassionate leader who succeeds in creating a positive working environment. She believes in looking after her staff and in turn they care about working hard for her to promote a successful business. Helen’s enthusiasm to share her passion for jewellery inspires others.”
Helen Hughes, Green + Benz


“Helen is a real people person; empathetic and encouraging, yet bold and fearless – character traits I find inspiring. She is full of great ideas, enthusiasm and passion for her work; attributes which are highly contagious!
Her expectations are high, which means she gets the best out of all her colleagues and staff and she communicates articulately with finesse and substance. She truly is one of a kind.”
Gemma Andrews, Sales Manager, Green + Benz

Corporate Consultant

Industry knowledge

“One of Helen’s great attributes is her integrity and straightforward, no-nonsense approach; she always believes in mentoring and developing her staff and has a very involved, hands-on approach but allows the individual to shine through. Her experience and knowledge keeps her at the forefront of the jewellery industry.”
Andrew J. Morton, Managing Director, Weston Beamor Ltd.


“Be it small intimate gatherings or large presentations, Helen has the ability to craft an event that is informative, amusing, intelligent and enlightening. Her professional and totally engaging style captures audiences at every level. She has a unique skill set that blends years of experience and knowledge with creative and confident story telling that stuns audiences and makes memorable interventions for all she works with.”
Jill White, Andy Hanselman Consulting

Client Experience

“Helen found me a diamond which perfectly suited my skin tone, personality, professionalism and taste. I have also listened to Helen’s talks – I always learn something new about jewellery, its origins and symbolism, and the special meaning it holds for so many people. Having Helen speak at a women lawyers event I organised was perfect- her vast knowledge and passion for her subject were a winning combination in educating people, as well as keeping them entertained!”
Jay Bhayani, HR Solicitor

Retailer Support

“When my husband died and I inherited the business I was struggling to make it work.
Helen really revived the business with new branding, staff training, stock assessment but most of all a positive frame of mind to help me get things under control.”
Åsa Cupitt, Cupitt Jewellery