Helen on New ITV SHOW
Helen on New ITV SHOW

Sharing her expertise and love of jewellery with the one and only Gok Wan, Helen will be featured in ITV’s new daytime series Bling, starting 11 October, which delves into the dazzling world of jewellery and beyond.

The show explores buying and selling to fixing and making beautiful bespoke eye-catching pieces, with charismatic experts (including our very own Helen!) on hand to guide, advise and get the best deals. The series is full of heart-warming stories as excited couples seek that perfect wedding band, sell a hidden gem such as delicate jewellery, fix a much-loved family treasure, or even create a one-off bespoke item. Customers also share the more emotive stories behind their trinkets – beloved family heirlooms they hope are not damaged beyond repair or treasured objects belonging to a departed loved one. Meanwhile, the craft experts at the fix and make counters will have their skills stretched as they work on everything from necklaces to pocket watches. All are set to be wowed and surprised. Join Gok and the team as eye-catching items, emotional stories, hard bargains and quick deals collide under one roof.

Bling begins Monday 11 October 2021 on ITV.
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