Helen’s Approach

Proven performers have no airs. Just grace.

Jewellery Consultant

The beauty of Helen’s approach is that she focuses on the big picture whilst also caring about the intricate brushstrokes of day to day detail. She believes that the industry is at its best when commercial and technical people work together. It’s a pioneering approach which delivers tangible results from Day One.

Technical excellence. Commercial intelligence. At last, the twain meet.

The technical and commercial sides of the industry, coming together. Who would have thought it? Helen would. She recognises the importance of ‘getting their people to talk to your people’ – engendering more effective collaboration by bringing different disciplines and specialisms together.

Better informed equals better performance.

Helen’s approach is inclusive and 100% supportive. She actively promotes unity and collaboration across sectors, with the stated aim of giving something back to the industry that has served her so well. She specialises in linking retailers, suppliers, designers and manufacturers together by leveraging her unrivalled network of cross-industry contacts.

Communication with clarity.

Helen believes that if a story is worth telling, it’s worth telling well. As a passionate and highly engaging public speaker, Helen is motivated by philanthropic causes.
Through public speaking, bespoke events, podcasts, blogs and short films to increase understanding of the importance and meaning of jewellery, Helen brings clarity to every communication, tackling relevant issues with transparency and candour.

A genuine charity commitment.

Helen set up Annie’s Legacy in memory of her Nana and continues to contribute to other philanthropic causes. On all private client work, a 15% donation is also made to the designated charity of your choice.

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