Helen's story

Helen’s Story

Jewellery Expert

Helen loves the stories and sentiments that have the ability to draw us to a piece of jewellery, or even to a particular gemstone. Her innate warmth and affection – together with extensive knowledge and experience – promises to lead to the perfect, personal piece as her guidance helps to reveal your own story.

Jewellery is about luxury – of course it is – but it’s also about sentiment and romance. Just as everyone one of us is unique, so too is every gemstone. Helen uses her expertise, perception and professional judgement so that the jewellery you take home is not only beautiful, but also a reflection of you. Technical know-how meets jewel matching intuition.

Expertise you can trust

Helen has vast experience in the jewellery industry – twenty or more years that began when she became a specialist in an auction house, before taking on a key role at the globally-renowned Tiffany & Co. An inspirational leader, while she was at the helm of jewellery retailer Green+Benz, the store garnered many important industry awards.

It’s a career that points clearly to a deep love – passion even – for diamonds and gemstones… as well as jewellery itself. Helen possesses in-depth knowledge of all three. As a qualified and award winning diamond grader and gemmologist she is ideally equipped to guide her clients through what can sometimes be a bewildering, perhaps daunting, process of choosing stones, deciding on a design and then arriving at the perfect piece of jewellery. For instance, what makes one diamond more desirable than another? Beauty, as Helen can explain, really is in the eye of the beholder – through her careful curation, she will ensure that the jewel you choose is absolutely the right one for you.