Jewellery Expert

Helen remarks “I believe the secret of success is to stay ahead by thinking ahead. Embracing change, keeping an open mind and creating compelling stories to engage new audiences.” It is no secret that Helen lives and breathes jewellery. She has always been passionate about jewellery and people. Her career has allowed her to put both together to create compelling experiences.

Helen’s career has been prolific with contributions/work experiences/tenure at notable companies. She commenced her career as an auction house specialist before progressing to a key role at the renowned Tiffany & Co. She completed a management buyout of independent retailer Green & Benz where she won several retail awards. At the present, she has a consultancy of her own where she guides members of the gems and jewellery industry.

Honorary Positions in the Industry

Helen is part of multiple associations where she holds honorary positions in the industry. She is an Assay Office Guardian at the Sheffield Assay Office. She is a retail ambassador at the National Association of Jewellers representing the organisation in the UK and further in the field. She was also a former retailer and former interim business leader of the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) buying group. Being part of these associations and organisations have always helped her educate her industry peers as well as learn from it. They say that it takes an entire village to educate a child. Similarly, it takes the efforts of an entire community for a successful industry.

Awards and Accolades

Helen’s vast experience of twenty years has had more than notable achievements. Throughout her career, she has achieved various awards and accolades. These awards and accolades have been achieved by her over her period of academia as well as her professional career. The awards are a testimony of her inspirational leadership and growth-oriented changes that she has brought in at different companies.

Knowledge of the Gems and Jewellery Industry

Whether it is about leadership or industry knowledge or retail support, she leaves no stone unturned. She provides insights on identifying new sales opportunities, building strong business relationships, developing brand identity and developing an experience for the client. Her jewellery expertise has helped her provide insights for individuals as well as companies. This expertise ranges from choosing a piece for yourself to strategic growth in jewellery sales.

Historical Knowledge of Jewellery

Helen possesses in-depth knowledge of jewellery. She understands the historical context behind it as well as jewellery as an evolutionary object. She explores why we wear jewellery and the symbolism behind it. Jewellery is a sentimental object. But how do you decide which piece is perfect for you? Which piece is a reflection of your personality? Which piece is the perfect memento to mark a particular milestone? She uses her technical and EQ to help you navigate these questions.

Technical Knowledge of Diamonds and Gemstones

As a qualified diamond grader and gemologist, she has been able to convey the technical aspect of gemstones and jewellery to her clients. Furthermore, her role as a consultant for different companies has allowed her to deliver her knowledge to customers and companies alike. There is a lot of misconception in the market about various gemstones and diamonds. She helps in providing accurate information and transparency that enables customers to make an informed decision.

“Helen is a caring, compassionate leader who succeeds in creating a positive working environment. She believes in looking after her staff and in turn they care about working hard for her to promote a successful business. Helen’s enthusiasm to share her passion for jewellery inspires others.”

Helen Hughes, Green + Benz

Jewellery is not just a luxury object. It is also a sentimental object with a romance of its own. From being able to guide companies to individuals on decisions regarding it, is a journey that Helen finds fulfilling.

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