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Jewellery Training

Jewellery Training

Helen uses her expertise to provide consultancy services. As part of her consultancy services, she provides training modules on Jewellery. She takes into consideration all aspects of jewellery; from its inception to the end product. She provides key modules that enables one a better understanding of jewellery not just with regards to technical terms but as well as the cultural context and history behind it.

As part of her consultancy services she provides Jewellery Training Services that consist of the following modules :

1.Bespoke Jewellery Design and Remodelling
2.The History of Jewellery
3.Insight is a Girl’s Best Friend – Diamond and People Expertise
4.The Facts and Fantasies of Gemstones
5.Compelling Storytelling

The aim of these modules is to maximize sales opportunities organically and build excellent customer experience.

Jewellery is meaningful, but it can always be made more meaningful if it has a personal story behind it. Just like every diamond is different, so is every customer. A piece of jewellery can be a reflection of someone’s thoughts if one pays attention to details. She uses history, symbolism, emotion and meaning of jewellery to help create bespoke designs as well as remodel existing designs.

She provides insights into the historical background of jewellery and its importance. Jewellery is a product of constant evolution and revolution. She explores its evolution along with purpose of jewellery wearing. It is only when we understand the past, that we can move ahead. She shares her knowledge of facts and fantasies that are associated with different gemstones. Information like this helps in building a compelling customer experience and creates the romance for jewellery. The aim of providing insights into the history of jewellery overtime is to generate increased sales overtime and guide a customer better in finding a piece that aligns with their philosophy.

She pays attention to not only the cultural and historical aspect but also the technical aspect. How do you use technical knowledge to engage your audience? Why is it important to educate your customers regarding the 4Cs? How do 4Cs matter while guiding your client for their perfect diamond? She provides insights to all these questions.

The collective goal of Helen’s jewellery training modules is to not only provide insights on how to maximize sales opportunities but also to create a positive customer experience.

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    Areas of Expertise

    Bespoke Jewellery Design and Remodelling2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    Focusing on the history, symbolism, emotion and meaning of jewellery, Helen reveals how to find the perfect match for every customer, for every occasion. She also reveals how to use the store environment to best advantage and replicate the customer experience online.

    The history of Jewellery2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    From primitive civilisations onwards, jewellery has been worn for protection, status and symbolism. Helen explores the evolution and revolution of jewellery design, together with the changing importance and purpose of jewellery wearing.

    Insight is a Girl’s Best Friend – Diamond and People Expertise2021-01-20T01:50:03+00:00

    As a qualified diamond grader, Helen reveals how to use emotional intelligence and technical knowledge to engage the audience. She goes beyond the four C’s to elaborate on the importance of the ‘cut’ and how to successfully interact with the wearer.

    The Facts and Fantasies of Gemstones2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    Helen shares key insights on the world’s most popular gemstones, together with the myths and legends they have generated. This training module is highly effective in informing and inspiring sales professionals to educate and romance their customers.

    Compelling Storytelling2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    Charting the phenomenon of Pandora and capitalising on the growing demand for bespoke, Helen explores why we wear jewellery, exploring the iconography and symbolism of key designs and illustrates how to increase sales by enabling customers to create their own jewellery ‘story’.


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