Julia Haines-Daniels

bespoke 18ct yellow gold earrings
bespoke 18ct yellow gold earrings

Helen makes every encounter special and every purchase significant now matter how large or small, expensive or sentimental.

I trust Helen implicitly and always seek her expert input into any purchase. Helen and I have recently been working together on a gift from my mother for my birthday and through enjoyable explorations of what piece would be appropriate Helen has created a truly significant and beautiful pair of earrings that I will treasure always.

Since Helen and I met over a glass of champagne to discuss engagement rings Helen has impressed me with her knowledge, professionalism and judgement and luckily for me we have over the years we have become very dear friends who both just happen to love discussing beautiful jewellery.

bespoke 18ct yellow gold earrings

Bespoke earrings for Julia Haines-Daniels

symbolic birthstones of December and January representing mother and daughter sourced and set in these bespoke 18ct yellow gold earrings, all for a very special birthday and a very special lady.


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