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Leadership Training

Leadership training

Helen’s vast industry experience is a testimony to her leadership skills. Her expertise lies in leadership and strategic growth. Over the years she has held various managerial roles at notable companies such as Tiffany & Co. and Green + Benz. Her many awards and accolades further prove her expertise in providing guidance and strong leadership. She has also provided consultancy services at The Sheffield Assay Office and the Company of Master Jewellers.

As part of her consultancy services she provides Leadership Training Services that consist of the following modules :

1.Coaching for Performance
2.Retail Insight
3.Management Skills
4.Business Ownership and Leadership

The aim of these modules is to improve customer experience, create a healthy working environment, improve performance and create staff loyalty.

It takes an entire team to yield results. She recognizes that each individual has something to offer and only when they are empowered can they contribute productively. Tangible results can be achieved when there is collaboration and communication between team members. Good leadership helps in boosting morale of employees as well as it facilitates innovation. Her modules on Business Ownership and Leadership and Management Skills covers these very nuances.

Her modules Retail Insights and Coaching for Performance focus on achieving maximum sales while also improving customer experience. What should be done to create a distinctive identity for a brand? How do you prepare contingency plans in case of depressed consumer demand? How do you improve customer service? Her modules explore all these questions and provide programatic solutions.

She understands that it is only through inspiring leadership that one can achieve tangible results. Good leadership in turn creates internal motivation in each member of the team to perform better. She believes in nurturing the staff’s training, development and empowerment. It is through inspiring leadership that one can can truly engage, unite, and motivate for better performance.

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    Areas of Expertise

    Coaching for Performance2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    A follow-on to the skills-based learning on the Consultative Selling course, designed to create in-house coaches, by improving customer service, increasing productivity and performance and accelerating learning throughout the business.

    Retail Insights – Differentiation2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    What made Green + Benz an award-winning brand? This fully interactive talk uses a successful case study to illustrate how to create a distinctive identity in the ubiquitous jewellery retail market. A ‘survival of the fittest’ story with key learnings on cutting costs without curtailing sales impact and weathering the storm of depressed consumer demand.

    Management skills2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    Which qualities define a successful leader? What drives them, what are their key attributes and what communication techniques do they employ? By utilising proven solving solutions, Helen coaches interviewing, time management and effective delegation and how motivational techniques can create positive change and enhance team performance.

    Business Ownership and Leadership2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    Helen shares her singular vision on successful leadership, management and employment strategies, from establishing core values and uniting the team to creating staff loyalty and empowering individual performance. She also looks at the realities of retail management – from employing working mums to training millennials and addressing mental health issues.


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