Personal Introduction

A personal Introduction

Hello and welcome to my website.  I should like to introduce myself, my name is Helen Dimmick and I’m a jewellery specialist with a passion for sharing my knowledge and bringing people and jewellery together.

My story

I am an Art History graduate (BA Hons), Fellow of the Gemmological Association (FGA) and qualified Diamond Grader (DGA), winning the Anderson Award medal and Trade Prize for the highest grades worldwide in one of my examination papers.

Theory is wonderful, but experience is just as important and I have enjoyed the most incredible career; starting at an auction house, then working for the royal warrant holders Bentley & Skinner, followed by Tiffany & Co in Bond Street, to owning my very own award winning independent retail jeweller Green + Benz.

Having sold this business I now work as an independent consultant both for personal clients and the jewellery industry.  I get the wonderful privilege of sharing my expertise and knowledge to enrich lives.   I couldn’t be happier, it is such a rewarding role.

Understanding Jewellery

Understanding Jewellery

On this website you will find a section to help understand jewellery, containing advice on diamonds, gemstones, precious metals and even jewellery symbolism – unlocking the hidden meaning and messages uses in jewellery.  These provide unique buyers guides.

These guides are to empower readers to know what piece of jewellery is right for you wherever and however, you purchase.  If, more support is needed then please take advantage of my personal ‘Jewel Matching’ service, this involves getting to know and understand each client and sourcing the perfect piece –  antique or contemporary, branded or non-branded,  British designed or international.   And if it still doesn’t exist, then creating a bespoke commission.  Think that sounds expensive?  Well think again, as I don’t have the overheads of a retail business, I can provide this unique service in a very cost effective manner.

You will also find an ‘in house’ shop available, these are curated collections from trusted friends and designers in the jewellery industry, that are all linked to the jewellery education and buyers guides.  Therefore ensuring any purchase is enriched by being deeply meaningful, relevant, sentimental and significant.

Corporate Consultant

Charitable commitment

Finally please have a look at ‘Annie’s Legacy’, this is an initiative set up in memory of my beloved Nana.  It is a cause very close to my heart, but if you too have a charity that is of special significance, I am always happy to extend this principle to another good cause.

I hope you enjoy this website, in an ever changing world it such a privilege to indulge and understand why man has adorned himself since the dawn of time, should you need any further assistance to make this more special experience for you, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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