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Selling Jewellery

Bespoke Comissions

Helen’s approach to selling jewellery is bespoke and personal. She first understands what the customer wants and then finds the right piece for them. While having knowledge about gems and jewellery is important, navigating the process from understanding what your customer wants to deliver a piece that they will love can be tough. It is important to convey what the piece represents. This is where Helen comes in. She has designed training modules that help you to navigate the process of selling jewellery.

As part of her consultancy services, she provides training modules on :

1. Compelling Storytelling

2. The Facts and Fantasies of Gemstones

3. Insight is a Girl’s Best Friend – Diamond and People Expertise

4. Maximising Supplier Opportunities

5. Marketing and Branding

6. Retail Insights – Differentiation

7. An Out of Store Experience – Events + Connecting

8. In- Store Event Management

9. Achieving Sales Growth

10. Customer Service Strategy

11. Maximising the Bridal Market

12. Bespoke Jewelry Design and Remodelling

13. Luxury Selling

14. Consultative Selling

The aim of these modules is to provide insights on how to understand customer needs and match every person with the perfect piece of jewellery whatever the occasion.

While it is important to understand the technical aspect of jewellery, it is also important to understand the historical context behind it. Jewellery is constantly evolving. Why do we wear jewellery? What is the symbolism behind it? How do you help this knowledge and help create customers their own story? Helen covers the answers to all these questions. Her technical knowledge and being a diamond grader enables her to provide guidance on the 4Cs – cut, clarity, colour and carat of a diamond.

She focuses on achieving sales growth by introducing various programs and implementing structural changes. She guides on how to improve staff motivation, sales training, and product placements. Her thinking process is comprehensive and she takes into consideration several contingency plans that must be in place in any company to tackle stagnant periods of demand. She explores how to leverage key connections and network. She provides insights on how to deliver events that can have maximum impact by advising on everything from the preparation of the event to visual merchandise to staff wear.

Helen’s expertise also lies in creating a meaningful experience for the customer. Luxury is not just an emotion associated with an object. Luxury is an experience. She shares knowledge on how to elevate customer journey. Even if something is as small as having handwritten notes or as prominent as loyalty scheme programs, they make a difference. She explores how to convert the fantasy of owning a diamond to the reality of a significant purchase of one. She believes in creating a meaningful experience not only in-store but also online.

She provides valuable insights into bridal markets and bespoke jewellery. Jewellery is a sentimental object no matter how big or small the occasion. Sourcing a piece that does justice to the person’s sentiments and the story is challenging but the joy of it is equally worth it.

She believes that understanding various aspects of selling jewellery not only help make remarkable sales but develop a lasting relationship and provide a memorable piece of jewellery to the customer.

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    Areas of Expertise

    Compelling Storytelling2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    Charting the phenomenon of Pandora and capitalising on the growing demand for bespoke, Helen explores why we wear jewellery, exploring the iconography and symbolism of key designs and illustrates how to increase sales by enabling customers to create their own jewellery ‘story’.

    The Facts and Fantasies of Gemstones2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    Helen shares key insights on the world’s most popular gemstones, together with the myths and legends they have generated. This training module is highly effective in informing and inspiring sales professionals to educate and romance their customers.

    Insight is a Girl’s Best Friend – Diamond and People Expertise2021-01-20T01:50:03+00:00

    As a qualified diamond grader, Helen reveals how to use emotional intelligence and technical knowledge to engage the audience. She goes beyond the four C’s to elaborate on the importance of the ‘cut’ and how to successfully interact with the wearer.

    Maximising Supplier Opportunities2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    This coaching covers strategic analysis of range considerations and supply criteria. It also includes in-depth feedback sessions on key sales training requirements, staff motivation and product placements to maximise sales opportunities.

    Marketing and Branding2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    Helen reveals how to create a 360 degree consumer brand identity, by translating a compelling company vision into the store experience, staff training, buying policy and marketing collateral. She also illustrates how to maximise staff engagement by getting every member of the team on board, with proven examples from Green + Benz.

    Retail Insights – Differentiation2020-11-05T10:48:06+00:00

    What made Green + Benz an award-winning brand? This fully interactive talk uses a successful case study to illustrate how to create a distinctive identity in the ubiquitous jewellery retail market. A ‘survival of the fittest’ story with key learnings on cutting costs without curtailing sales impact and weathering the storm of depressed consumer demand.

    An Out of Store Experience – Events + Connecting2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    Helen explores how to outreach and source sales opportunities by leveraging key connections. Includes advice on managing charity associations, connecting with networking groups/corporate partners and delivering exciting ‘experience-based” opportunities.

    In-store Event Management2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    Helen shares her know-how on staging successful PR-able events and private client ‘lock ins’, ‘with specialist advice on preparation, catering, invitations, staff wear, advertising, visual merchandise, and confirmed sales outcome and stock turn results.

    Achieving Sales Growth2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    This module looks at how to create a programme of targeted client outreach, including anniversaries, birthdays, new designers and brands, link selling and voucher opportunities.

    Customer Service Strategy2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    Helen’s knowledge-share on creating the ultimate client experience by owning the in-store space and elevating the customer journey to another level. From loyalty schemes to personalised after care packaging, handwritten notes and branded gift wrapping, Helen leaves no gemstone unturned.

    Maximising the Bridal Market2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    Focuses on keeping a customer for life from engagement to wedding to bridal jewellery, eternity rings and beyond, by using all the retail tools at our disposal, personalising every touch and optimising the romance of the occasion.

    Bespoke Jewellery Design and Remodelling2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    Focusing on the history, symbolism, emotion and meaning of jewellery, Helen reveals how to find the perfect match for every customer, for every occasion. She also reveals how to use the store environment to best advantage and replicate the customer experience online.

    Luxury Selling2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    Jewellery and watch retailers sell nothing that anybody needs but everything we might want. This course explores how to convert the fantasy of owing a diamond to the reality of a significant purchase, transforming the ‘high street’ into a ‘luxury’ experience.

    Consultative Selling2020-11-05T10:48:07+00:00

    A skills-based jewellery retail selling course applicable to all levels of experience, focusing on utilising individual attributes to facilitate buy-in and confidence and how to maximise every sales opportunity to generate repeat business and create clients for life.


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