Bespoke Jewellery Commissions

Jewel Matcher – Bringing people and jewellery together

Helen Dimmick is a renowned jewellery and gemstone expert, with a passion for sharing her knowledge and bringing people and jewellery together. In other words… jewel matching.  Either through her extensive network of designers, suppliers and contact Helen can source you the perfect piece of jewellery, or let her help you design a unique piece especially for you

 A piece of jewellery is far more than simply a beautiful gemstone set in precious metal – it is endowed with all the emotional values and sentiments that led to its purchase. It is the celebration of a particular occasion… and a life. With a true understanding of this, Helen’s empathy with her clients underscores the service that she offers. The process of creating a piece of jewellery involves understanding what each customer needs and desires, guiding them along every step of the exciting journey. Her mission is to help discover the best way to tell the story of a piece of jewellery.

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Jewellery with a treasured history

Having inherited a love of jewellery from her beloved Nana, Annie Dimmick, Helen is passionate about bringing people and jewellery together and has a deep belief in the power of jewellery to speak louder than words as it tells its story. While sometimes a client wishes to commission a new piece, from design inception to finished creation, on other occasions the need is to remodel a piece of jewellery that embodies the memory of a loved one.

It is a task for which Helen is perfectly suited. Borne of experience as well as innate ability to connect, she handles the treasured jewellery of a loved one with respect and sensitivity. She understands the desire to preserve the history of such a piece, while allowing it to become an heirloom to be worn by future generations. She knows that its intrinsic value matters less than the deeper emotional values that it holds. Your memories are safe in her hands.

Inspired by her Nana Annie’s love and care, Helen has created Annie’s Legacy, which offers services such as resizing of rings, remodelling of jewellery, recycling gold for cash and creation of bespoke items. A 15 per cent contribution is made to the East Cheshire Hospice for all work undertaken, or purchases made, in memory of a loved one.

Choosing diamonds and gemstones

Finding a gemstone, whether a diamond or coloured gem, for her clients is an important and exciting process. Helen focuses on finding a stone that not only fits the budget, but, crucially, suits the personality, and reflects the individual. As a qualified diamond grader and gemmologist she uses her experience and technical knowledge to source the perfect stones, and she passes on that wisdom to help each client make an informed decision. No two stones are alike and every stone has a story to tell.

Symbolic and meaningful jewellery

While jewellery is an extension of our style, it can also be hugely symbolic. Helen has great knowledge of the myths and meanings that for centuries have served as the subtle messages behind certain creative forms and gems seen in jewellery. For instance: stars are symbolic of divine guidance and protection, while the moon represents new beginnings and healing. Ivy is a plant associated with marriage as it signifies faithfulness. A favourite with brides, pearls have always expressed purity and turquoise was used as a bridesmaid gift as a forget-me-not token. Weaving such symbolism into a piece not only enhances its value, but helps to create something unique, personal and very special.

Helen’s holistic approach to bespoke jewellery commissions encompasses all aspects of creation – she recognises that each piece goes through a journey itself. Every component of a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings… has something special to add to the story. Gold, for instance, finds its parallel with eternal love, due to its purity and durability; others may favour platinum for its superior strength.

The extra personal touch

While bespoke is synonymous with ‘personal’, Helen might encourage an even more intimate element by customising the finished piece of jewellery. She fondly recalls helping a couple who decided to engrave lyrics of their favourite song on the inside of the commissioned ring. Important dates, nicknames and inside jokes are just a few other customising ideas; hiding a small birthstone within the piece is another.

However you choose to express a sentiment, Helen’s mission is to help you realise a dream, to create a tangible reminder of a significant moment… nothing brings her greater joy.

As a jewellery advisor and educator, Helen Dimmick provides a free 15 minute consultancy. You may fill the form below and we will get back to you. you may also use this form to ask any other queries you might have.