Maximising Supplier Opportunities

This coaching covers strategic analysis of range considerations and supply criteria. It also includes in-depth feedback sessions on key sales training requirements, staff motivation and product placements to maximise sales opportunities. ENQUIRE

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Marketing and Branding

Helen reveals how to create a 360 degree consumer brand identity, by translating a compelling company vision into the store experience, staff training, buying policy and marketing collateral. She also illustrates how to maximise staff engagement by getting

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In-store Event Management

Helen shares her know-how on staging successful PR-able events and private client ‘lock ins’, ‘with specialist advice on preparation, catering, invitations, staff wear, advertising, visual merchandise, and confirmed sales outcome and stock turn results. ENQUIRE

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Customer Service Strategy

Helen’s knowledge-share on creating the ultimate client experience by owning the in-store space and elevating the customer journey to another level. From loyalty schemes to personalised after care packaging, handwritten notes and branded gift wrapping, Helen leaves no

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