Jewel Matcher – Carat

Jewel Matcher Carat
Jewel Matcher Carat

Hello and welcome to another Jewel Matcher Vlog

  • Today I’m going to talk to you about one of the four C’s – namely Carat
  • I’m going to discuss What is it? What I think you need to know AND How it is relevant when choosing a diamond

Carat – what is it?

  • Well it’s the Unit weight of a gemstone
  • The name comes from the seeds of a carob tree, as they were a constant weight, which is so important for measuring
  • 1 carat = a fifth of a gram
  • We also break down the 1 carat into 100 points, 50 points is half a carat, and so on.
  • It is important to remember that carat is the weight, not the size, so two diamonds that look the same in diameter may actually be different weights

Carat and Price

  • For example, As weight increases so does the price, but to a non-linear scale
  • So a diamond that is twice the size, is more than twice the price as it is more than twice as rare
  • It also spikes at certain popular sizes half and 1ct
  • As a customer, you will see this when even a small increase in size can have a big impact in cost

What to choose?

  • I always think there is Fine Line between elegance and vulgar
  • And Big isn’t necessarily beautiful
  • So my advice is Don’t buy a piece of jewellery that you can only wear on special occasions and therefore has to stay in the safe
  • But when you are buying a Diamond engagement ring its one piece of jewellery that should last a lifetime so buy the best you can afford

What is best?

  • Just as every diamond is unique, so is every person – I love this tool its great to show what suits my hand, but that’s only half the story
  • A larger diamond may still suit the hand but potentially it will sit much higher of the hand which may too be ostentaious or impractical
  • so really think about the wearers personality, profession and interests and think what will really suit and work for them

How to get The Wow Factor?

  • I always advise my clients to think about the Return on investment or the sensible application of the 4’s C knowledge
  • Remember the relationship with price and carat weight…you Pay a lot of money for a small increase in size –
  • However, if it is impact you are looking for understanding two of the other of the 4 C’s colour and cut will have a much larger impact on appearance
  • Join me next time and I’ll tell you why

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