Understanding Jewellery

bespoke comissions
bespoke comissions

It is said that the things you are passionate about are not random. Helen lives by this truism. Her role as a jewellery specialist allows her to bring together her two passions: people and jewellery. A qualified gemmologist and diamond grader, she has over 20-years experience in the jewellery industry – experience that has led to wisdom, appreciation and a deep understanding of jewellery. Knowledge, she believes, is a great thing… but sharing it is even better.

Diamond Knowledge

As a qualified diamond grader, Helen uses her knowledge of origin, history and geology to help match clients with the perfect diamond. How do you know which cut is ideal for you? Does this stone complement your personality better than that one? Is colour more important than clarity… does size matter? She not only will find a diamond that answers all these questions and more, but, more importantly, a diamond that you will fall in love with and cherish. While demystifying the 4Cs (colour, cut, carat and clarity) Helen will advise on issues of authenticity as well as the practical matter of the care of diamond jewellery.

“Helen found me a diamond which perfectly suited my skin tone, personality, professionalism and taste. I have also listened to Helen’s talks – I always learn something new about jewellery, its origins and symbolism, and the special meaning it holds for so many people. Having Helen speak at a women lawyers event I organised was perfect- her vast knowledge and passion for her subject were a winning combination in educating people, as well as keeping them entertained!”

Jay Bhayani, HR Solicitor remarks

Coloured Gemstones Knowledge

While Helen has a passion for diamonds, she also loves coloured gemstones – all of them beautiful, fascinating and precious. In her quest to pass on her knowledge and insights, she writes a ‘Gemstone of the Month’ blog. Accompanied by personal anecdotes, these accessible posts reveal the historic, mythical and scientific characteristics of the gemstone… information as useful and revealing to gem and jewellery enthusiasts as industry professionals.

Sourcing Jewellery

Jewel Matching is Helen’s meaningful and empathetic approach to finding the perfect piece of jewellery for her clients. With her intuitive understanding of the sentiments that lie behind the purchase of jewellery, she ensures that each bespoke commission that she undertakes will tell a special story. Giving equal attention to the gemstones used and the choice of precious metal, Helen guides her clients on all aspects of the creation process, from design and stone setting to symbolism. Arriving at the perfect piece is naturally the goal.

Gem and jewellery webinars and training sessions

To support jewellery professionals during lockdown – as well as arouse the interest of any jewellery lover – Helen has released educational videos. The free online training sessions are aimed at providing guidance and empowering solutions, particularly during these challenging times.  The onset of COVID19 forced all of us into difficult times, and she strongly believes that it is more important than ever to extend support to each other as much as we can. Knowledge, she says, is great – but sharing it is even better.

These webinars can be viewed here. They touch upon different segments of the industry such as selling jewellery, understanding diamonds, understanding laboratory-grown diamonds, staff training and effective sales. She provides practical insights on ways to increase stock post-lockdown. Why is stock classification important? Why is symbolism in jewellery important? Why should this be conveyed to the customers? How do you create high performing teams? Why is mental health awareness important in the workplace? Helen’s webinars explore these questions and more, providing pragmatic and strategic solutions.

As a jewellery advisor and educator, Helen Dimmick provides a free 15 minute consultancy. You may fill the form below and we will get back to you. you may also use this form to ask any other queries you might have.


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