Sentiment and Symbolism in Jewellery

Silver double heart Pendant
Silver double heart Pendant

Throughout the ages jewellery has been chosen to mark sentiment and occasion. Today, there is a revived interest in craftsmanship, adornment and the reassurance of love and friendship as represented by jewellery.

Here Helen reveals the secret, often hidden meanings in the symbolic language of love and sentiment in jewellery, so you can choose or create more personal and meaningful pieces for yourself or a loved one.

The story of love in jewellery

Hearts are the ultimate symbol of love, whether romantic, family or friendship.  They can be seen pierced, chained, broken, split, anatomically correct and complete.  Two hearts surmounted by a bow symbolises intertwined love.

Sentiment Jewellery: Heart Pendant

Silver Heart Pendant

Sentiment Jewellery: Heart Ring

Silver Heart Ring

Sentiment Jewellery: Silver Heart Pendant

Silver Heart Pendant

Knots and bows are a simple metaphor – they are easily tied, but are stronger than the material from which they are made.

Silver Knot Earring

Silver Knot Earring

Silver Knot Pendant

Silver Knot Pendant

Wings of love offer protection.  A horseshoe motif has been popular since Victorian times representing good luck when pointing up.  Snakes denote eternal love when seen biting their tails.  Clasped hands are a symbol of commitment, marriage seal or the hands of lovers.

The phoenix, the mythical bird that regenerates itself from fire and ashes is therefore a symbol of love revived.  Cupid, the son of Venus by Mercury, is often seen armed with a bow, so arrows represent Cupid’s dart, target rings symbolise the victim of passion.  Further personalisation is added when lovers birthstone are used.

Beautiful butterflies are a symbol of Psyche the goddess of soul and all higher emotions including love.  The salamander, is the Roman symbol of wedded bliss, its tail will grow back when lost and it thrives in fire – therefore symbolic of passionate love.

Silver Butterfly Bracelet

Silver Butterfly Bracelet

Stars are associated with awe and wonder, symbolic of divine guidance and protection:-

  • 4-pointed star – representative of a cross and “Star of Bethlehem”
  • 5-pointed star – divine symbol of oneness, human spirit +4 elements
  • 6-pointed star – The Star of David, symbol of Jewish faith and divine protection
  • 7-pointed star – Archangel Gabrielle, also shining bright
  • 8-pointed star – star of Lakshmi, in Hindu tradition represents eight kinds of wealth: victory, patience, health, knowledge, nourishment, prosperity, mobility and riches
  • 9-pointed star – can represent the nine Greek muses and the Fruits of the Spirit in the book of the Galatians in the bible
  • 10-pointed star – can be associated with the Kabbalistic tree of life or the 10 disciples of Jesus

They are an enduring symbol of motivation ‘reach for the stars’ and reward ‘you’re a star’

The moon represents immortality and eternity, healing and energy, A waning moon symbolising letting go, a crescent moon new beginnings and a fresh start.

The Victorians were inspired by nature in the age of botany and created a wonderful language of flowers. Ivy became symbolic of fidelity and marriage.  As it grows it clings in whatever environment, has green leaves in winter, therefore a symbol of the enduring qualities of love.   Often seen in 19th Century tiaras, also worn as brooches, traditionally a sprig of ivy was always included in a bridal bouquet.

Silver flower Ring

Silver flower Ring

Forget me nots are emblematic of enduring passion and love in separation.  Daisies represent purity, laurel the ‘triumph of love’ and blossom, hope.  Today why not buy floral jewellery that unlike flowers will last a lifetime.

Religious and protective jewellery

These include crosses and crucifixes as an indication of the commitment to the Christian faith.  Crucifix, more associated with the Roman Catholic faith, from the Latin cruci fixus meaning one fixed to a cross.  St Christopher ‘bearer of the anointed one’ carried the Christ child across the river therefore the patron saint of travellers is commonly worn as a pendant, often carried in a pocket, or placed in vehicles for symbolic protection.

Gold Cross Pendant

Gold Cross Pendant

Silver Cross Pendant

Silver Cross Pendant


Lockets have evolved from ancient keepsakes, today they are proudly worn on show, or secretly holding treasured mementos, images, and photographs.

Memorial Jewellery

Recent history has had a momentous impact upon us all.  As people we have adorned ourselves since the dawn of time for many reasons.  Jewellery represents both significant moments in our lives and significant people who have touched our hearts forever.

Memorial jewellery is a way of honouring a precious life.  Ainsworth Jewellers were humbled to support a special customer who had sadly lost his wife.  The image of this lovely gentleman and his beautiful bride on their wedding day was captured and engraved on this 9ct carat gold signet ring.  He was so pleased wanted to share the story so others may also appreciate the comfort we hope it brings.

And let’s not forget, we also honour our four-legged friends.   This is an image of ‘Chewie’ Helen’s father’s must adored companion dog and the signet ring bearing his portrait.

2, Helen Dimmick
Mask Group 20, Helen Dimmick

Remodel, Recycle and Re-use

We are only ever a guardian of precious gemstones and jewellery for a fleeting moment in time, as precious metals and gemstones have a durability ensuring they are passed on to generation after generation.

Jewellery styles change and evolve over time, today 70% of Jewellery in the UK lies unworn and forgotten in jewellery boxes.  Helen can support with old inherited or outdated pieces and together recycle or even repurpose them.

She is inspired and reassured by historical styles and can interweave memories into remodelled or repaired pieces to ensure they are safeguarded or given a new lease of life.  The possibilities are endless…


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