PureJewels – A Personal Story

Jayant Raniga and Helen Dimmick
Jayant Raniga and Helen Dimmick

The owner of Pure Jewels Jayant Raniga and I, have known of each other in the jewellery industry for many years. Our paths would always cross at annual events and awards nights and I held him in such high esteem for the strategic direction both instore and online, of his brand ‘PureJewels’. However, it was during my tenure as an interim business leader at the Company of Master Jewellers that we further connected. He approached me to scope the potential of greater professional alliance between the British Asian jewellery community and the independent UK jewellery retailers. This immediately spoke my language and I was delighted subsequently to formally be invited to the Signature edition of the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) in Mumbai, to investigate, advise and promote bilateral trade opportunities, sponsored by the Indian government and the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotions Council.

Jayant Raniga and Helen Dimmick

During this mission, Jayant far exceeded his voluntary role of ‘cultural attaché’. I was aware of being in the presence of an international industry personality and ‘star’ – everyone wanted to meet him say ‘hello’! Yet despite this he found time to fulfil a seamless introduction to key contacts, provide endless logistical support, advise on communication nuances and share with such enthusiasm the culinary delights of India. No mission was too large or detail too small.


On a personal level, however, he took this experience to another level – taking the time to share his historical home and heart. On one very special day trip, with a dedicated driver at our disposal, Jayant shared ’his’ Mumbai…

A hosted lunch date at the Taj hotel was our highlighted destination, but not before a stop at the famous Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station.  Jayant revealed in his heart this building represented his entire personality and ancestry, represented in the form, purpose and decoration, the motifs perfectly blending the hybrid of India and England. To me as a graduate of ‘the history of art and architecture’ this truly resonated and as we stood in the centre of one of the world’s busiest cities, I had the opportunity to appreciate and understand the wonder of this place and even more, my now friend, Jayant.


Interwoven into the chaos and excitement of the Mumbai traffic, we visited designer Devotie Ketan Jhaveri for Jayant to collect his bespoke tailored jacket and for the rest of us to enjoy Bollywood style at incredible prices. Mumbai is a treasure chest, hidden behind the roadside markets and cricket matches is one of the most important historical jewellers in the country proudly protecting the heritage of jewellery, including an antique silver tea set and 300-year-old peacock statuette. Yet more importantly this is about relationships, ‘breaking bread’ across religions and cultures, enjoying wonderful home-made delicacies together in appreciation of beauty, history, shared values and now friendship.

Resting at the Gateway of India for photographs, contemplation and more importantly laughter and memories. The adjacent Taj hotel, a sensation for every sense, gourmet and visual! It felt like a treat for all our senses.

Returning from Mumbai full of optimism and enthusiasm, without a corny cliché, but I have a lifelong friend. Love takes on my guises and I can only explain that I fell in love, fraternal love for someone with such shared values, ethics, visions and ambitions. Jayant inspires me every day now in both my personal and professional life.


It is with these values in mind I showcase the PureJewels by Bhanji Gokaldas collection on my website. It fulfils my desire to bring East and West together, PureJewels is a British brand owned by Jayant Raniga and eight generations of his family with deep eastern roots honour its heritage and journey from India to England – via Africa – for over five generations of one family.

I firmly believe that a brand more often than not is a representation of the ideologies a person holds. A brand after all is an extension of themselves. Jayant’s brand PureJewels is truly a reflection of his lively and warm personality.

PureJewels is renowned for its beautiful, elaborate and finely detailed 22ct gold jewellery. Ultra-pure, the gold’s comforting weight, coupled with varied colour tones, makes it a gift for the talented designers and craftspeople who are creating the most incredible, innovative and intricate pieces. From classic, ‘everyday’ foxtail chains and wedding bands, to stunning, highly elaborate bridal set this is my own curated collection for everyday wear and occasion wear. The range of fine jewellery contains pieces embellished with diamonds and various colour stones. The autumn-inspired hues of 22Ct jewellery are sure to compliment your skin tone and even personality.

In my role I am drawn to aspects of craftsmanship, PureJewels uses traditional craft as well as modern day manufacturing techniques to create exquisite pieces. The best way to describe a piece by PureJewels would be to say “Own a piece of craftsmanship”. Each piece undergoes extreme quality check to deliver nothing but the best. Sometimes you come across inspiring collaborations and sometimes across wonderful friends. I am lucky to have found both in Jayant and PureJewels.


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