Welcome to Jewel Matching !

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring


Hello my name is Helen Dimmick

I’m a jewellery specialist who loves putting people and jewellery together

So welcome to my first ‘Jewel Matcher’ Video

You’ll know there is so much information online about diamonds, gemstones and jewellery…. But how do you know what is factual, credible and most importantly relevant and right for you?

So today I’m going to introduce you to the concept of ‘jewel matching’ I’m going to tell you a little bit more about me, where I am and how jewel matcher will how I can help you choose the perfect piece of jewellery for you

So why listen to me?

Well I’m an Art History graduate, fellow of the gemmological association and qualified diamond grader, winning the Anderson Award medal and trade prize for the highest mark worldwide on one of my papers.

Theory is wonderful, but experience is just as important and I have enjoyed the most incredible career, stating at an auction house, working for the Royal warrant holders Bentley and Skinner, Tiffany & Co in Bond Street and owning my very own award winning independent retailer Green + Benz.

I sold my business two years ago and I’m now working as an independent jewellery specialist and bring all of that experience and knowledge together talking to you today from Ainsworth Jewellers in Blackburn, here on the first floor where we have a museum on the 150 year family history as my fiancé and business partner is 5th generation owner Phil Ainsworth.

We also have a permanent exhibition on diamonds and gemstones so I think this is the perfect place to jewel matching

I’m going to start by talking to you about diamonds. Did you know that every diamond is unique, just as every person is unique, so I’m going to start with the four C’s Colour, Cut, Carat, Clarity, but take it one step further… how do you know what is relevant and perfect for you?

Colour of the diamonds, diamonds come in every shade of white and in every colour of the

rainbow, but what suits you, the wearer?

Clarity – most diamonds have natural inclusions – do they matter, especially if you can’t see


Carat – does size matter? I always say here is a fine line between elegance and vulgar, but

size has to right for the budget and the personality of the wearer as well as what physically

and practically suits

Cut – did you know it was the most important and how do you know what shape suits you


There is so much to tell you so join me next time to start this journey


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