Corporate Consultant

Jewellery Consultant

Helen’s vast experience and knowledge have enabled her to provide expert guidance and consultation services to various sectors of the gems and jewellery industry. Whether it has been providing insights on organisational structure, or creating a brand, throughout her career, she has provided her consultancy expertise to various notable brands and organisations. Her expertise lies in branding, marketing, educating, leadership training and achieving sales growth in the gems and jewellery industry.

Diamond and Coloured Stone Expertise

As a gemmologist and diamond grader, Helen has been able to extend her consultancy skills further. For instance, while working with Chelsea Rocks, she has supported the business through educating its customers and the industry on laboratory-grown diamonds. Helen is aware that there is much misconception in the market about these stones, so her role provided much-needed precise and balanced information.

Jewellery Expertise and Training

Helen provides jewellery training with the aim of achieving sales growth. Combining her technical knowledge of diamonds and gemstones with their associated romance, she emphasises the symbolism and meaning behind gems and jewellery. She passes on insights into how to find the perfect jewellery match for your customer and given that no gemstone or diamond is alike, this can be a challenge. Helen’s training provides methodical steps on how to approach sourcing the right piece of jewellery, as well as undertaking bespoke commissions.

Helen’s experience of over twenty years is a testimony in itself to her knowledge and expertise. Nothing brings her more satisfaction than being able to guide her peers in the gems and jewellery industry. She aims to not only provide clients with viable solutions but also empower everyone involved in the process.

Helen remarks: “I believe the secret of success is to stay ahead by thinking ahead. Embracing change, keeping an open mind and creating authentic stories to engage new audiences.” It is no secret that Helen lives and breathes jewellery. She has always been passionate about jewellery and people. Her career has allowed her to put both together to create compelling experiences.

Charitable commitment

Leadership Training and Management

Helen also guides leadership training; the advice she provides takes into consideration everything from empowering individual performance, to retail management. She believes that only when one is empowered can they enthusiastically contribute. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it is also the collective efforts of everyone involved in a team that results in a successful sale.

Her leadership course places great emphasis on staff training – the morale of employees facilitates innovation. She believes that collaboration and communication are the keys to ensure the smooth functioning of any organisation and has applied that ethos to great effect at Sheffield Assay Office, where she is also a Guardian.

Management is a vital step in each company no matter the scale. Helen coaches on interviewing, time management, effective delegation, establishing core values and creating staff loyalty. Her approach is practical and compassionate.

“If I could describe my experience of working in a team with Helen, the answer would be collaborative. Within our team, we were able to share ideas and concepts freely where we welcomed each other’s input and opinions without judgement or dismissal. I felt as a team, we valued each other and Helen empowered us to strive to be our best by instilling us with confidence and self-belief in our skills and roles. As the leader of our team, Helen was kind and listened to anything, no idea was too small. Helen’s presence within our team has left a fantastic foundation of strong, empowered women to be confident in their decisions without doubt or self-disbelief. Working within Helen’s team allowed for openness, two-way communication and supportive problem solving which encouraged me to identify my own personal and professional development path and fired a new passion within me for my work. I worked with Helen for only a short time, however, being a part of her team has taught me more about myself and improved my confidence more than I have ever experienced in a team before.”

Lauren Scattergood

Business Growth Consultation

Helen’s credible career has seen her win numerous awards and accolades. While at the helm of Green + Benz her focus was clearly on staff development, as well as offering an exceptional retail experience. She also placed great importance on the use of social media and achieved exceptional sales online and offline.

Helen’s role as an interim business leader for the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) in 2019 is further testament to her industry standing. While in the position she implemented management changes that were aimed toward strategic growth. Helen is a strong advocate for inspirational leadership – she believes in empowering others and that it is through inspirational leadership that we can motivate and boost morale. Her strong sense of business acumen led to practical solutions and business growth.

“When Helen joined the CMJ, she quickly assessed the situation and very soon I felt valued, that my opinion was listened to and it was like a grey cloud had lifted. She gave me the free rein to do what I do best, whilst providing mentoring in a calm professional way. I cannot thank her enough for making me regain my confidence and self-worth, Helen is a truly inspirational professional.”

Sally Ashdown-Phillips, Your Content Goes Here
Helens Story Port, Helen Dimmick

Retail Management

Many challenges present themselves in retail management. Helen’s coaching aims to provide viable solutions for difficult times. How do you cut costs without impacting your sales majorly? How do you deal with depressed consumer demand? What are the personal challenges that your team is facing? How do you get back to work? How do you create a meaningful story? Helen’s course guides over all these hurdles and more.

“Helen is a caring, compassionate leader who succeeds in creating a positive working environment. She believes in looking after her staff and in turn, they care about working hard for her to promote a successful business. Helen’s enthusiasm to share her passion for jewellery inspires others.”

Helen Hughes, Green + Benz

Branding and Marketing

Helen understands the importance of branding and marketing. We live in a digital world where everything is accessible in just a few clicks. Building a brand and ensuring that it reaches target customers can be a daunting task. This is where Helen comes in.

Branding is more than just a pretty logo and packaging. A brand is an experience. Helen’s role as a consultant aims to create an experience for the customer that will be synonymous with the brand’s identity and soul. Creating a great brand experience involves not only creating a meaningful narrative, but also staff training, store experience, buying policies and marketing collaterals.

The next step after branding is marketing. Helen’s marketing approach is the amalgamation of traditional and modern techniques. She understands that you cannot neglect either one of them or focus on only one entirely. It is the combination of these two that achieves successful marketing. Helen’s training focuses on making sure that the brand gets attention from the relevant audience.